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Architect 30/50 years Roofing Laminated Shingles

"We believe in recycling and therefore saved much roofing material that was ready to be pulled and destroyed. We re select it and sell to the public at very affordable prices"

Roofing Shingles: Architectural starting from $50 per sq.

$55, $60 & $63 

Inventory 7/28/2014 8:00 AM
Color Type Brand Qty
Aged wood   Architect Tamko 13" 26.2 Sq
Autumn Brown   Architect Tamko 12" 15 Sq
Autumn Brown   Architect Tamko 13" 12.2 Sq
Black Walnut   Architect Tamko 12" 0
Nat Timber   Architect Tamko 12" 2.2 Sq
Oe pewter   Architect Tamko 12" 4 Sq 1B
Oxford Gray   Architect Tamko 12" 16 Sq
Rustic Black   Architect Tamko 12" 0
Rustic Black   seconds Architect Tamko 13" 4.2 Sq
Rustic Black Seconds/Purp. Plas Architect Tamko   4.1 Sq
Rustic Black   gr. Plastic Architect Tamko 13" 17 Sq 
Rustic Black   wine pl. Architect Tamko   0
Rustic Cedar   Architect Tamko   8 Sq
Rustic Engels   Architect Tamko   3.2 Sq
Rustic Ever Green   Architect Tamko 13" 4.1 Sq
Rustic Redwood   Architect Tamko 12" 2 Sq
Rustic Slate   Architect Tamko 13" 19.2 Sq
Rustic Slate   Architect Tamko 12" 8.2 Sq
Shadow Gray   Architect Tamko   0
Slatetone Grey   Architect Tamko 12" 5.2 Sq
Thund Gray   Architect Tamko 12" 8.2 Sq
Thunderstone gray   Architect Tamko   2 B
VA Slate   Architect Tamko 12" 0
VA Slate   open Architect Tamko 13" 14.1 Sq
VA Slate   CAPA  Tamko   3.1 Sq
Weatherwood   Architect Tamko 12" 10.1 Sq
Weatherwood   Architect Tamko 13" 2 B
Weatherwood   gr. Plastic Architect Tamko 13" 48.1 Sq
Weatherwood   wine pl. Architect Tamko 13" 32 Sq
Weatherwood   seconds Architect Tamko 13" 0
Barkwoood   N SH Architect GAF 35.1 Sq   
Barkwoood   HD Architect GAF   28.2 Sq
Byscaine Blue   N SH Architect GAF   0
Byscaine Blue   HD Architect GAF   9.2 Sq
Byscaine Blue     CAPA GAF   1.1 Sq
Charcoal   N SH Architect GAF 18 Sq
Charcoal   HD Architect GAF   17 Sq
Driftwood   N SH Architect GAF   0
Driftwood   HD Architect GAF   10.2 Sq
Fox Hollow   HD Architect GAF   6 Sq
Hickory   N SH Architect GAF   4 Sq
Hickory   HD Architect GAF 4 Sq
Hunter green     Architect GAF   1.1 Sq
Mission Brown   Architect GAF 23 Sq
Oyster Grey   HD Architect GAF   15.1 Sq
Patriot Red     Architect GAF   1.1 Sq
Pewter grey   N SH Architect GAF   3.2 Sq
Pewter grey   HD Architect GAF   4.1 Sq
Saddlwood Ranch     Architect GAF   5.2 Sq
Shakewood   N SH Architect GAF   5.2 Sq
Shakewood   HD Architect GAF   8 Sq
Slate   N SH Architect GAF   10.1 Sq
Slate   HD Architect GAF   23.1 Sq
Weatherwood   N SH Architect GAF   30 Sq
Weatherwood   HD Architect GAF   14.1 Sq
Weatherwood   A. SH Architect GAF   3.2 Sq
White   HD Architect GAF   3.2 Sq
Williansburg Slate   N SH Architect GAF   0
Williansburg Slate   HD Architect GAF   12.2 Sq
Atlantic Blue   Architect Certainteed 1 Sq
Burnt Sienna     Architect Certainteed 15 Sq
Cass Grey   Architect Certainteed 0
Charcoal     Architect Certainteed 2 Sq
Cobb grey     Architect Certainteed 2 Sq
Cobblestone grey     Architect Certainteed 4.1 Sq
Colonial Slate   Architect Certainteed 11.1 Sq
Cottage Red   Architect Certainteed 0
Driftwood   Architect Certainteed 52 Sq
Driftwood   Architect Certainteed PRO 7 Sq
George Town   Architect Certainteed 41.1 Sq
Heather Blend   Architect Certainteed 2 B
Heather Blend     Architect Certainteed PRO 3.1 Sq
Hunter Green   Architect Certainteed 8 Sq
Hunter green   Architect Certainteed PRO 3 Sq
Mist white   Architect Certainteed 13 Sq
Moire Black   Architect Certainteed PRO 1.1 Sq
Moire Black     Architect Certainteed 7.2 Sq
Mojare Tan     Architect Certainteed 0 0
Pewter     Architect Certainteed 19.2 Sq
Pewter     Architect Certainteed PRO 2 B
Reshawn Shake     Architect Certainteed 13.1 Sq
Silver Birch   Architect Certainteed 3 Sq
Slate   Architect Certainteed 0
Sunrice cedar   Architect Certainteed 10 Sq
Weather wood   Architect Certainteed PRO 13 Sq
Weather wood   Architect Certainteed 38 Sq
Brownwood   Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 10 Sq
Cedar Brown   Architect Owens Corning 0
Chateu Green   Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 3 Sq
Desert Tan Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 6.1 Sq
Driftwood Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 44.1 Sq
Estate grey Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 31.1 Sq
Flagstone Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 31 Sq
Onyx Black Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 20.1 Sq
PepperMill Gray Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 0
Shasta white Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 1 B
Teak   Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 4.1 Sq
Twilight Black   Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 1.1 Sq
Williansburg Gray   Oakridge Architect Owens Corning 7.2 Sq
Brownwood   Duration Architect Owens Corning 5 Sq
Driftwood   Duration Architect Owens Corning 19.2 Sq
Aged Redwood     Architect IKO 7.2 Sq
Charcol Grey   Seconds Architect IKO 59.1 Sq
Charcol Grey     Architect IKO  
Driftwood Seconds Architect IKO 12 Sq
Driftwood   Architect IKO 6 Sq
Dual Black Seconds Architect IKO 215 Sq
Dual Black     Architect IKO 0
Dual Brown   Seconds Architect IKO 10 Sq
Dual Brown     Architect IKO 0
Dual Grey     Architect IKO 25 Sq
Dual Grey   Seconds Architect IKO 26.2 Sq
Earthone Cedar   Seconds* Architect IKO 55.1 Sq
Earthone Cedar     Architect IKO 9 Sq
Harvard Slate   Seconds Architect IKO   0
Havard Slate     Architect IKO   5 Sq
Heatherwood   Architect IKO 0
Riviera Red     Architect IKO 2 B
Vintage green     Architect IKO 7.2 Sq
W.W. Bois Grage     Architect IKO 0
Weatherwood   Seconds Architect IKO 574 Sq
Weatherwood     Architect IKO 45. 1 Sq
Black Shadow Lifetime Architect Atlas 0
Black Shadow Architect Pinacle 7.1 Sq
Desert Shake Architect Pinacle 8.1 Sq
Heather Blend Architect Pinacle 1.1 Sq
Pristine Black Architect Pinacle 7.2 Sq
Pristine Watherhed Architect Hobizon 3.1 Sq
Weather Wood Lifetime Architect Atlas 7.2 Sq
Weather Wood Architect Hobizon 1 Sq
Weather wood  Architect Pinacle 2 Sq
Weather Wood Architect Roofing Shield 35 Sq
Weather Wood UNWRAPPED! Architect Roofing Shield 202 Sq
Charcoal Architect  Roofing Shield 1 Sq
Onyx Black Architect Roofing Shield 0
Barkwood UNWRAPPED!  Architect Roofing Shield 101 Sq
Barkwood Architect Roofing Shield 114 Sq
Cedar HD Architect BP 11.2 Sq
Tone Grey HD Architect BP 24 Sq
Tone Black Mystique  Architect BP 390 Sq
White( Light Gray ) Architect  Owens Corning 53 Sq
Estate Grey Architect  Owens Corning 91 Sq
Desert Tan Architect  Owens Corning 0
Harbor Blue  Architect  Owens Corning 0
Onyx Black Architect  Owens Corning 8.2 Sq
Flagstone Architect  Owens Corning 9.1 Sq
Driftwood Architect  Owens Corning 51.2 Sq
Brownwood Architect  Owens Corning 12 Sq
Chateu Green Architect  Owens Corning 22 Sq
Williamsburg Gray Architect  Owens Corning 4.1 Sq
*Special this month:Unwrapped shingles from $55.00 a square*

**Wrapped Architect shingles $20.00 & $21.00 a bundle 0r $60.00 & $63.00 a Square

Charlotte Roofing Materials Surplus LLC & Doctor Roof LLC

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