Charlotte Roofing Materials Surplus,LLC
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Architect 30/50 years Roofing Laminated Shingles

"We believe in recycling and therefore saved much roofing material that was ready to be pulled and destroyed. We re select it and sell to the public at very affordable prices"

Roofing Shingles: Architectural starting from $50 per sq.

$55, $60 & $63 

Driftwood Owens Corning 72 Sq
Tone Black BP Mystique 333 Sq
Weather Wood IKO 484 Sq
Earthone Cedar IKO 58 Sq

...and many more.. 
Give us a call for inventory availability. 
                                                        *Special this month:Unwrapped shingles from $50.00 a square*

**Wrapped Architect shingles starting at $59 per square*

Charlotte Roofing Materials Surplus LLC & Doctor Roof LLC

7808 Pence Rd, Charlotte NC 28215
Call: (704)302.1095 or (704)942.0394


Get directionsto: 7808 Pence Rd, Charlotte NC 28215 go over here: Maps